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Digest of scripophily readings XVI

New online scripophily articles and references, April 2015

Recueil des Sociétés Coloniales et Maritimes 1902
This online "Manual of Colonial and Shipping Companies 1902" consists of the following parts 
  1. Colonial companies from Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal and the Netherlands operating in Africa, Asia, America and Oceania
  2. Shipping companies from Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and the Netherlands
  3. List of directors
detail share certificate from Compagnie Anglo-Belge de la Côte D'Or (Gold Coast colony)
Compagnie Anglo-Belge de la Côte D'Or
Detail from the certificate below.
Notice the hatching work on the well-muscled man in the front.
Hatching is a technique often used in drawings to suggest volume.
double-click image to enlarge

The book was originally publised in 1902 by the Société d'Études Coloniales de Belgique, now digitized by Google on the Internet Archive. You can browse it online here . The page contains also a link to a 20 MB PDF file, but the online version has better search functionalities.

Founder's share of the Compagnie Anglo-Belge de la Côte D'Or 1899
Compagnie Anglo-Belge de la Côte D'Or
English: Anglo-Belgian Company of Gold Coast (Ghana)
Founder's share, 1899
Printed by Lith. Laporte & Cie., Antwerp

Men of the Pacific Coast
Here is a helpful online reference for the researchers of American Far West history. The full title of the book is : Men of the Pacific Coast containing Portraits and Biographies of the Professional, Financial and Business Men of California, Oregon and Washingthon 1902-1903. It was published by the Pacific Art Company, San Fransisco, Cal. in 1903, and has been digitized by the Internet Archive with funding from Microsoft Corporation. 
Included are portraits and brief biographies of men involved in commerce, manufacture, art, science, literature, finance and religion from the Pacific Coast. You can view it online here. On the same page, there is a link available for downloading the almost 90 MB sized PDF file. In contrary to the above publication, this PDF version offers better results for searching on place names and terms like "railway, gold, diamond, ..".

Pictures of Wyle C. Morris, Eastern Oregon Railway Company and Amos O. Benjamin, Alaska Company, Inc.
Men of the Pacific Coast
Left : Wyle C. Morris, Eastern Oregon Railway Company
Right : Amos O. Benjamin, Alaska Company, Inc.
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Scripophily magazine
In addition to the online sources above, the last December 2014 No.96 issue of Scripophily magazine contains the following stories :
  • Amazing Western Union Telegraph Co Certificates Found in New York Stock Exchange Archives
  • Inter-City Umbrella Renting Company
  • Flagler - a Household Name in Florida, about Henry M. Flagler's oil and railway activities
  • Scripophily of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition - Part 2
  • In Memoriam The 4%s, about the British 4% Consols
  • The Early History of Palm-oil Production in Indonesia and Malaysia - The Story of Adrien Hallet
  • Cox's Corner : Assessable Shares
  • other periodical topics : society matters, news, bourse reviews, auction reviews, events calendar, member classifieds, book reviews, interviews and lots of pictures of collector friends and scripophily

Scripophily magazine is a publication from the International Bond & Share Society.

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