Wednesday, October 5, 2016

HWPH - Auction 43 and 44

HWPH's upcoming double auction offers more than 1800 lots of scripophily. Included is an impressive set of 70 bonds and shares from brewery companies. One of these is an 1871 share in the Mauth Brewery Company from Bohemia.

1871 share certificate in the Aktienbierbrauerei Mauth from Mýto
lot 68 in the auction
Akcionářský pivovar v Mýtě
Aktienbierbrauerei Mauth
Share of 100 Österreichische Gulden, 1871
The brewery was founded in 1871. At that time the Czech town Mýto, Mauth in German, was part of the Austrian monarchy hence the Austrian currency. The brewery activity ceased in 1897. The maltery continued to export its products till the end of the 20th century, especially to Switzerland. The share's vignettes show brewery scenes, the factory and a king enjoying his beer. The design also includes the coat of arms of Bohemia (upper left)  and Mýto (upper right).
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HWPH Public Auction Nr 43
cover: lot 72
Association Phonique des Grands Artistes
100 Francs share, 1906, Paris

HWPH Online Auction Nr 44
cover: lot 1039
Sociedad Anonima Astilleros de Tarragona
registered share of 1000 Pesetas, 1918, Barcelona

  • Dates : 15 October 2016 - public Auction 43 ; 17 October - Auction 44, internet only
  • Place : Auction 43, Wiesbaden, GERMANY
  • Further info , see here 
  • Some more about the auction's US railway section, see there 


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