Monday, November 29, 2010

Book : The Emergence of the Railway in Britain

  • Title : The Emergence of the Railway in Britain, Scripophily Library Nr. 2
  • Authors : Udo Hielscher
  • ID: ISBN 0-9511250-4-4, published by International Bond & Share Society, 2001
  • Languages : English
  • Number of pages : 32
  • Images : black and white, almost on every page and often more than 1 per page
  • Indexes : 1. bibliography, 2. index on company names

This booklet describes the early railway history of Great Britain. Illustrated with early certificates from railway, canal and even turnpike companies.


  1. The technical, demographic and financial background
  2. Developments in antiquity
  3. Britain's transport before the railways
  4. The technological revolution
  5. The role of the Stockton and Darlington railway
  6. The Liverpool and Manchester railway
  7. The growth of the nationwide railway system
  8. British railway scripophily
I will occasionally briefly describe a reference book or catalogue in my postings.

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