Friday, July 27, 2012

Reference catalogue : Securities of Czech Breweries and Malt Houses

front cover of the catalog on securities from Czech breweries
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  • Title : Pivovary  Sladovny - Katalog Cenných Papírů (English: Catalogue of Securities of Breweries and Malt Houses)
  • Authors : Rudolf Píša
  • ID : ISBN 978-80-904178-0-9, published by DAS Media, 2008
  • Languages : Czech
  • Number of pages : 265
  • Images : color images for the securities, often multiple per page
  • Indexes : extensive index on company names

This is a great catalogue on shares and bonds from the Czech and former Czechoslovak breweries and malt houses.  The book starts with a historical overview of the brewing history (Historie pivovarnictvi) and includes about 50 biographies of entrepreneurs and business men. More than 500 certificates are grouped per company. Companies, more than 200 of them, are grouped by place in an alphabetical order.

A book for the advanced collector !


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