Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are you a junior, medior or senior collector ?

2nd generation of scripophily collectors
I strongly believe that scripophily is meant for both junior, medior and senior collectors. The first scripophily associations were organized somewhere in the mid 1970s by enthousiasts, most of them still young. These juniors were convinced there was a future for sharing their pioneering experiences.
I was a still a child then and ignorant of things like old shares and bonds. But I had a small collection of coins.  I also had a jar filled with used stamps which my grandmother had soaked in cold water. The Internet and email were not invented yet. I was watching Star Trek on a black and white television set.

Now, 30 years later, those pioneering juniors of that first moment, are the seniors of today. Sadly and inevitably some have passed away. In the past couple of years, I also noticed more and more young people start sharing this passion as well. Some seniors will doubt this and claim the opposite.
Well, how does the scripophily population pyramid looks like ?

Age is all what this new poll is about.  Tell us about your age.
These are the options to choose from :
I am a scripophily collector. My age is :
- less than 25 years
- between 25 and 35 years
- between 35 and 45 years
- between 45 and 55 years
- between 55 and 65 years
- between 65 and 75 years
- more than 75 years.
All answers are anonymously. The more poll results we gather, the more other collectors will be likely to participate, so please don't hold back. If you know a friend, man or woman, old or young, who is also collecting stocks and bonds, convince him to participate as well. The poll is located at the right side of this page and will close at the end of the year 2011.
Thank you in advance !


Detail from a West Shore Railroad Company bond, issued 1886
See here


  1. I can inform you that there are actually approx. 230 active Scripophily collectors in Norway. Check: about collectors from Norway!

  2. Schools here in the US do a poor job of teaching history. They have enough trouble just getting the kids literate and capable of basic math. When history is taught it is reduced to pablum and generalities, and often used to advance various contemporary political obsessions within the educational establishment, e.g., promoting government programs, laying racial and ethnic guilt trips, etc. So, it takes about 30 years to self-educate here in history. Perhaps that explains the age cohort in scripophily.

  3. A interesting point of view. Never looked at it that way. Still, even with poor history lessons, one can be fascinated by history and scripophily is a great place to start.
    Best regards,