Monday, September 7, 2015


view of the city of Damascus and the Umayyad Mosque

Millions of Syrian families have left their destroyed country in search for better human conditions. So far, a few hundred thousand parents and children made a dangerous journey to Europe in order to find a better life. There are many more to come. Few of Europe's national leaders recognize the current scale of this tragedy and realize how the refugee problematics will evolve. These capable politicians are prepared to take fully fledged measures. Bravo Germany, "a strong country will manage", indeed.

Other European politicians do not dare to take the right decisions. They forgot that, long ago, our great-grandparents were also, in times of war, on the run with children and elderly. And our great-grandparents sought and found protection in European countries too.

Yes, this is not the usual scripophily post, but I feel upset about how slow some of our national leaders are addressing the situation. They should be aware that the decision whether or not to provide shelter, relief and care, is not a political but a humane one.


Société Foncière de Syrie
Share of 500 Francs, Paris, 1923
design by Lucien Leclerc
Source: Wertpapierwelt
double-click image to enlarge

Société Ottomane du Chemin de Fèr de Damas-Hamah et Prolongements
Share of 500 Francs, Constantinople, 1901
Printed by Chaix, Paris
Source: Wertpapierwelt

Société Anonyme de la Fabrication Ciments et de Produits Constructives
Nominative share, 1950, Aleppo
Source : Boone Auction Sep 2006

Syrian Ottoman Railway Company Limited
One preference share, 1893, London
Source: Wertpapierwelt

Tramways et Électricité de Damas Société Anonyme
share of 500 Francs, Brussels, 1928
printed by J. Verschueren
Source: Wertpapierwelt

Fabrication de la Bière, Société Anonyme Syrienne
Share of 200 Syrian Pounds, 1959, Aleppo
Source : Boone Auction Sep 2006

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