Thursday, January 2, 2020

Puzzling scripophily - No. 2 - solution

In order to resolve Scripophily Puzzle No. 2 you could use three visual cues that pointed to a particular company. This puzzle was a bit tougher than no. 1, yet, one reader provided a correct answer. 

The visual cues were details from the design of a share in the company that we are looking for. The first two images feature signatures. The third image shows a text fragment in some language, printed on top of a drawing.

In general, antique securities from companies were signed by directors of the company. This is no exception. Signatures of some famous persons like Thomas A. Edison are easy to derive. Here, we have less readable examples. 

Sven Wingqvist signature on stock certificate

If you've read this recent blogpost, then you could have recognized the signature of the Swedish industrialist Sven Wingqvist, founder of SKF.  This is the first clue.

There is one image with a fragment of the lettering on the certificate. It mentions 'ETT HUNDRA Kronor'. Ett Hundra is Swedish for one hundred, and refers in this case to 100 Swedish Krona, the denomination of the certificate.

fragment of a share with underprint cut-through section of a plane

So Sweden is a keyword in this puzzle. You may guess that the other signature comes from another Swedish person. Correct. It belongs to Swedish banker and Olympic tennis player Marcus Wallenberg Jr

signature of Marcus Wallenberg Jr

You didn't resolved the last signature ? Well, that's no showstopper. The 'ETT HUNDRA Kronor' image shows a front profile of a propeller plane in the underprint. Googling the three words aviation, Sweden and Wingqvist will lead you to the solution : Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (Swedish Airplane Company), aka SAAB.

SAAB was founded in 1937 by Sven Wingqvist, Marcus Wallenberg Jr and Axel Wenner-Gren. The latter established Electrolux. 

1944 share in the Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget, aka SAAB

Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget
1 share of 100 Kronor, 1944

SAAB, an aircraft and defence business, was the parent company of automobile manufacturer Saab Automobile. The profile in the underprint of its share shows a twin-engine military plane built during WW II, the SAAB 18. The company pioneered in 1971 with a self-developed computer for its Viggen combat aircraft. 

Reader "detective" DB provided the correct answer for puzzle no. 1 and also for this puzzle. Outstanding DB! You are now entitled a second portion of "eternal fame". 

Happy New Year !


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