Friday, May 11, 2018

Rarities and historic securities for sale at Archives International Auctions

Archives International Auctions, Fort Lee, New Jersey, will conduct its 48th auction on May 23, 2018. The auction offers a rich mix of U.S., China & Worldwide banknotes, scripophily and coins. The sale features more than 300 antique stocks and bonds.

A section of Chinese bonds, starting with lot 177, will be hammered in the event's first session. Included are several group lots of China loans, e.g. a trio of £100 Chinese Government 5% Gold Loan of 1912 bonds, estimate from $230.
One of the first highlights is an issued and uncancelled Republic of China 1937 $1000 loan. Scarce, printed by American Bank Note Co and illustrated with a great Chinese pagoda vignette, it is estimated between $600-900.

Republic of China 1937 bond
Republic of China, 1937, $1000 bond 
printed by American Bank Note Co 
lot 183 in the auction 
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American federal loans are put on the block in the sale's second session (lot range 627-651). Included are a series of Liberty Loan, War Savings and US Savings bond certificates. Lot 630 is a historic US Department of the Interior 1894 specimen bond for the purchase of Cherokee lands, extremely rare, illustrated with vignettes of a Cherokee Indian and a bank building, start price $900.
Top scripophily item is a Three Per Cent Loan of 1898 $20 bond, lot 638, issued for financing the Spanish American War. Bids are invited from $4,000, the bond is expected to fetch $6,000 to $10,000.

American loan of 1898 for financing the Spanish American war
Lot 638 : Three Per Cent Loan of 1898, $20 bond, all coupons attached 
The Guerra Hispano-Americana was a conflict fought between Spain and the United States in 1898. Officially at stake were the Cuban and Filipino struggles for independence from Spain. The US wanted to protect their economic interests (sugar trade) and saw an opportunity to increase their military naval presence overseas. The ten-week war was fought primarily in Cuba and the Philippines. After Spain's defeat, both parties signed the Treaty of Paris on December 10, 1898. As a result Spain gave up sovereignty over Cuba, ceded Puerto Rico and Guam to the US, and sold the Philippine Islands to the United States for twenty million dollars.

Lot 697, a 1924 bond from the Murray Body Corporation, a Michigan registered car maker, kicks off a contiguous section of hundreds of American, Cuban, Israeli, Mexican and other international scripophily items. Noted are: Ford Motor Company of Canada, American Express, Columbus Zoological Company, Upshur Guano Company, Hershey Chocolate Company and San Juan Light and Transit Company.

Titanic owner International Mercantile Marine Company bond
International Mercantile Marine Company, $1000 specimen bond 1902
The shipping trust company was the owner of the RMS Titanic through one of its subsidiaries. 
Lot 832 in the auction, starts at $475.

A keen collector will browse around the non-scripophily sections in the auction catalogue and be surprised to find more of these treasures, e.g. Banco Agricola, Chile (lot 78), State of Massachusetts Bay 1780 (lot 544), Confederate States of America Criswell 4/Ball 16 (lot 609) and Orinoco Steam Navigation Company, Venezuela (lot 678).

extremely rare bond from the Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinaw Railroad
AIA's sales always include great railway securities from the American Bank Note Archives. This rare Cincinnati, Jackson & Mackinaw Railroad certificate dates from 1887. Described as "the only one found", bids are welcomed from $300. Lot 927 in the auction.

Auction details
  • Location : Fort Lee, New Jersey
  • Date : 23 May 2018
  • Further info : see AIA , online catalogue here and PDF version there 


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